There are roughly 60 million people worldwide seeking refuge from war, persecution, and civil upheaval, the largest number of refugees since World War II. Many of these individuals flee their homes in fear and confusion in hopes of finding a better life in a foreign land, only to meet discouragement, rejection, and hatred in bordering countries and communities. They are living without basic necessities, oftentimes carrying nothing more than the clothing on their backs. The majority of them are children.

These refugee children may dress in different clothing, speak a different language, or have different religious beliefs, but their hopes and dreams are no different than the children being tucked safely in bed across the United States each evening. We may not have the ability to build them homes, ship them beds, or tuck them in, but we do have the resources to at least provide a warm blanket for them to sleep on.

“Hearts Tied Together” is a community humanitarian effort intended to provide refugee babies and children with a hand-made blanket to accompany them along their difficult journey to a new life, whether that be in an international refugee camp or domestic placement program. We work with international humanitarian and religious organizations as well as domestic refugee associations to lovingly wrap each blanket around a child in need.

We encourage individuals, friends, families, religious organizations, and community groups to join together in this act of service and love.


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    • We’d appreciate the help! A tutorial is on our website in case you’re unfamiliar with how to make fleece blankets. We provided instructions on the most basic method, but if you’re accustomed to your own method/sizing you are welcome to use that as well. You can also find more information regarding how to prepare your blankets for donation under the donation information tab. Feel free to e-mail us at for drop-off/pick-up or mailing information depending on where you live. Let us know if you have any other questions!


  1. Since I live in a warmer climate, my Joann’s fabric only sells blizzard fleece, not polar fleece. Would you guys still except the blanket or do I need to double it or is a single layer okay? Thanks.


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