Written Instructions

Click here for a PDF version of the written instructions: Written instructions handout.


Brightly colored fleece material (usually 50-60” wide) in desired size:

  • Child: 1½ yard
  • Teenager: 2 yards

Sharp sewing scissors or rotary cutter and ruler

Optional: Square template (You can make your own from heavy paper or fabric)

  • 3×3 inch square for child blanket
  • 4×4 inch square for teenager blanket

Simple Steps:

#1 Cut off selvage and ensure all edges are clean and straight. Trim uneven or excess fabric if necessary.

#2 Measuring with a ruler or using a template, cut a 4×4 or 3×3 inch square from each corner of the fleece fabric.

#3 Cut a continuous fringe around the blanket. For child-sized blankets, the fringe should be 1” wide by 3” length, for teenager-sized blankets 1” wide by 4” length.

#4 Make a knot at the base of each fringe until blanket is complete.

#5 Fill out a donation card found on our website under the “Donation Information” tab. Your short note of caring and support could mean the world to a refugee.

#6 Deliver the blankets according to donation instructions. Thank you!

Variations: You may already be familiar with fleece blankets and have your own preferred size, method, cut, and finish, such as: braided edges, sewed seams, crocheted edges, or the slit and pull through fringe. All are welcome! We have given basic instructions for those who may be less familiar with fleece blankets. Another welcome option is to double the fleece to make a warmer blanket by tying the two fringes together. These will be given to refugees in cold climates who will appreciate that additional warmth.