Back At It!

Hello All!

In case you were wondering if our organization is still actively donating blankets to refugee, impoverished, and at-risk children, we are! In fact, we’ve sent hundreds of blankets overseas to refugee camps, orphanages, and hospitals in Armenia, as well as to local organizations like International Rescue Committee, the Lantern House, and Curt’s Cuddles this past year.

As far as our blog? Well… we’re a little behind. We are a non-profit organization in every sense of the word; in other words, we run Hearts Tied Together in our spare time as volunteers. We always make time for donations and the organizations we partner with; however, our blog and Facebook fell behind with the birth of a baby, a master’s thesis and graduation, wedding planning, a move, and the demands of life. That said, we’re excited for a new year and a new start with our blog and social media platforms. You will be hearing from us more frequently from here on out!

Speaking of an exciting new year and new start, we are excited to announce a new shipment of blankets leaving for Armenia at the end of March! This is our third year partnering with the Armenian Lighthouse Charitable Foundation (ALCF) to provide blankets for impoverished children in orphanages, hospitals, and refugee camps in Armenia. ALCF partners with donors throughout the world, but they’ve specifically appreciated and needed the blankets our organization provides. We look forward to sending another shipment to meet those needs in the coming month.

We are also excited for interested volunteers to connect with us on our new Instagram account @heartstiedtogether. We will be using our Instagram account for announcements, inspirational thoughts, and donation instructions in addition to our Facebook page (Hearts Tied Together) and blog (

Feel free to connect with us through our blog, Instagram, or Facebook, or by e-mailing us at Thanks again! We look forward to another great year making a difference throughout the world!


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